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Home made - family feel

Ethio & Eri Cafe is a feel good - mama's cooking type of restaurant in the heart of downtown. It is designed to mimic street food type of style where you could mix and match deferent cuisines so you could taste majority of Ethiopian & Eritrean food. It is owned by a single mother of three kids. The owner chose these specific dishes to show case because it was her kids favorite and she wants each and one of her customers to feel like family when they taste her food. It is close to home for this family because this restaurant is built on  nostalgia starting from the dishes to the set up of the restaurant down to the incents used for scents.  

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Ethio & Eri Cafe

Our Specialty

Although, all our dishes are special... Our specialty dish is the Tibs. Tibs is cubed and seared beef that is made with perfection amount of spices and herbs. It comes with a side of veggie and injera.


You have to come to Market 707 and try it.


Say you came from viewing the website for a special something on the house.   

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We accept orders thru Uber, Doordash and SkipTheDishes

"Ethio & Eri Cafe is named for the Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine and drinks it serves such as foul, tibs, kitfo and traditional coffee."

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